Early Prophets of Dark Deviant Magic & Voodoo 
(Siouxsie sings about sick serial killers and surveillance cameras.)

Lol introduces:
Nightshift as John McGeoch’s Finest hour.
Its Shimmering Tension – a Simmering Sizzling Juggernaut. 
If Budgie was forced to choose, Nightshift would be his finest hour too!

Lol says,
“Budgie reintroduced the ride cymbal back into the lexicon of drumming, without that ride cymbal it would be nothing! A sinister sexy cauldron swirling around.”
Budgie blushes and shares his admiration for Animal and Louis Bellson!

Budgie tells of,
The Banshees visiting The Cure recording Pornography at RAK London. 
The Cure kept a well-stocked bar for visiting minstrels and wastrels!
You’ll always find Drummers in the Kitchen at Parties.

Lol and Budgie say,
Juju and Pornography go together like a Cloak and Dagger.
Both recorded live in a big studio with no separation.
Juju songs played live before recording, just like a new band. 

John McGeoch said,
It’s more Hitchcock than Hammer Horror. 
More Blood dripping on a Daisy, than Fangs biting flesh.

Into The Light
John McGeoch used a gizmo with cog wheels to bow his guitar. 
Budgie develops Octopus limbs.

Lol says,
Bands after the Banshees didn’t have that tension. The drop and the twist is all. 
The push and pull gives the songs their strength. Juju is the sound of a band with a Coherent Narrative – they knew what they wanted. This version of The Banshees IS The Banshees. They Look and Sound like a real band with Authentic Chemistry.

Budgie says, 
Every day arriving to record at Surrey Sound Studios, felt like a sunny morning! 

Lol sums it Up,
To appreciate the lyrics, we don’t need to know all the details. 
Like a movie, the Best albums reflect the times and the Cultural Situation. 
Juju was ahead of its time.

Dedicated to: Louie Bellson (6 July 1924 – 14 February 2009)