What Shall We Do with A Drunken Sailor? – (Make them Clean the Carpets!)
It was 20 years ago today! Seven Year Itch at Coachella 2002.

Q.) Where did we leave our Hearts & Where do the Flowers Grow so Very High?
A.) San Francisco – Fave Venues – The Warfield and The I-Beam 
Lol and Budgie wannabe Steve McQueen in What Film? 
The American Dream is our future and Billy idol uses Lol’s Optometrist  
The state of California is Budgie’s favourite venue!?! 
but who said, ‘California is not a Place, it’s a State of Mind.’? 

Hong Kong Garden – Big Toe Boots for Budgie – for Bamboo Climbing and Drumming!
Lol wears them for Taiko in LA. But did he Play in Hong Kong?
Budgie and Kirk Douglas Dine together at the Holiday Inn Hong Kong.

Do The Cure and The Banshees Smell Like Teen Spirit? 
“Cor Baby, That’s Really Free!” says John Otway & Wild Willy Barret
‘Hey Man, they’re really digging this stuff!’ says Budgie 
Music is Universal and Communicates!

Elliot Ness and The Untouchables – an old recording to steal some magic from.
Raising an older brother’s records – time waits for no man  
My dad and Grandad love your music!
Who are Budgie and Lol? 
The Police & The Banshees’ Surrey Sound Studios is now a Cricket shop! 
Is Budgie’s proudest recording moment, playing bass on The Slap of Leather on Willow or Tenant on Kaleidoscope? 
On which ‘Short’ titled recording did The Cure swap instruments? 

Where is Lol’s fave Recording Location in the South of France, Mirador, Mordor or Miraval? 
Blissful solitude until who, Sailed his yacht into Nice harbour? 
Who is the ‘Tiny’ link between, The Pope, The Cure in Orange and a Theatre in Nice! 
Lol Pirated which Captain’s boat and went for a Sail on the High Seas?
Captain Sensible, Captain Marvel, or Captain Bill?
Lol landed in Antibes and Simon Le Bon piped him aboard! 
Budgie Sings which Sea Shanty? (The Clue is in the Title) 

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