Miles wanted to be a trucker, zooming around the world.

Budgie and Lol always Up front with the bus driver. Miles was a drummer!

All drummers are friends and everyone that works on Curious Creatures is a drummer

Mark Gemini Thwaite aka MGT jams with Tricky and The Creatures and also played with Lol and The Curse for charity

Miles three favorite drummers Lol, Budgie and Pete de Freitas !

Miles stopped playing drums like Budgie and Lol – too exhausting !

Steve and his blog likes the violin  Miles says F*&K every sentence

Pop bullshit and fisticuffs.

Calvin and Budgie bashing the beats. Grey hair! Lol says we won’t tour in Steve City

Lol loved Pistols TV show Malcolm McLaren was spot on.

Band security tales: Nigel Welsh, bare knuckle boxer, kept the band apart

MGT, Tricky and “Uncle Tony” British gangsters from the East End. Gentle German Micheal for the Cure

Motörhead lovely to to the Cure at the Reading Festival “here you go lads have some vodka!”

Hey, didn’t your bass player torch Sarah ?

Lol has writerly admiration for Miles and his 100,000 words

Miles inhabits the words right back in the day.  Budgie  & Lol can relate.

Absolutely Cathartic. Helps Miles go to a better space. Martin,  Rob and Miles

The kids that had each others backs, back in the day.

You run so fast at the the start you need to explain it all  to yourself 

The primary purpose is taking care of each other a little more experience of life would be good thing 

Lol was on the fast road to nowhere. So he got off the train.

The Covid bench-MGT played for two!! Milos last record?

Budgie would be minted with Spellbound! Get the vinyl soundtrack for Stranger Things!

Did you play Bomber ?

The Ace Of Spades:
Dedicated to Lemmy
24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015