EPISODE 33: ‘Ere we go, Doin’ that Thang!!!

Q:1 Anima Animus – says, “HAI!” 
and She asks,
Was anything Left un-released? 
Was anything Right un-released?

Q:2 Existential Edgar asks,
Will IT ever See the light of day – Probably not – No titles available.

Q:3 Thomas Jackson asks, (2 Presidents worth of questions!)
Is all Quiet on The Eastern Seaboard?
Has he really listened to every episode of Curious Creatures?

Q:4 How many Sips of tea in our Curious Creatures Mugs?

Q:5 Which songs turn up as B sides?

Q:6 “Can you please speak my language?” From Paris with love and Vibraphones xxx
Hotel on fire or Smoke on the Seine?

Q:7 Yodel! Wonders is it,
Cannibal Roses or Coal Mind, rooting around in your brain?

Q:8 Do you ever Notice or think of, 
A. A different beast  
B. A different B-side
C. 10:15 b/w KAA being a Double-A side was very Beatles? 

Q:9 Did you mean to do or was it that it just sounded great?!

Q:10 The Fickle Finger of Fate asks,
Are there any rules about creativity?

A: as Q: Are there any creative Rules?