In this Episode Lol and Budgie continue their talk with Justin Pearson, with whom they discuss more about Straight Edge Foodies

Landscape redefined by skateboarder Mason, 
Silva planned routines to Budgies drums 
It’s the space outside of the sound we’re chasin’   
Cinematic for the Banshees and their chums  

Images influenced the sounds created 
Alfred Hitchock – Suburban Relapse 
The shower scene in Psycho, a shrine, gold-plated 
Herrmann’s score hitting every synapse. 

(Pause – aka: dead airtime – but not this time!)

Charlie Mingus stressed the import of the notes un-played,
PJ Harvey finds inspiration in a place un-stayed.  
Justin always hears sweet music in the rattle of his car 
Familiar London Studios became unfamiliar from afar.

The Creatures flew to Hawaii, to record their debut, 
the jungle fed the music, and the conch shell blew.
Victor Boullet played Metallica to get The Creatures mad,
Ross Robinson and Simon came close to something very bad!

“No Hi-hat!” ordered Siouxsie, “No Hairspray in my mix!”
Budgie moved the hi-hat out but played with magic sticks,
Creating things from nothing was our drumming bird’s propensity,
His Drumming in the Dreamhouse throbbed with LSD intensity 

Justin and DMT experiment, Lol and Budgie too, 
Budgie, Lol and Justin want healthy things to chew.  
Post-abuse bodies may have survived, but some Brain tissue did not 
Justin’s Pre-show ritual is a strong expresso shot!

On Reflections, Simon said to Lol, “Lol you’re very Zen.”
Lol reflected soberly, “How weird it is to ken.”  
Proficiency is priority, you have to love yourself,
The secret door out of the maze – is the one that’s marked ‘Good Health!’

Q: Was this the longest recording for Curious Creatures?
A: You bet your sweet bippy it was!

The pause is cool and beautiful and weird. 
And we may have a dinner date in San Diego!

In Awe of: ‘Psycho’ (1960) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock – Music: Bernard Herrmann. 

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