Lol and Budgie get animated with Martin Atkins (Master Drummer and Entrepreneur) with whom, we discuss in no particular order of merit:

(Hello, Virgin Records?)
Every mile away from London
Is a mile away from where he needed to be.
Subsequent Chronological Milestones:  
PIL (The Good Years) 79 – 85 / Killing Joke – Extremities / Ministry – In A Cage – 12 Weeks of insanity
Pig Face – 600 degrees of separation – Budgie has the baseball cap!  
NIN’S Head like a Hole and Wish / Murder Inc and still out there!  

Street lives…. (Rail ‘em in and Regiment)
Setlists? Who uses a set-list?
PIL had a looseness that belied their commitment
New York Gig discussion – what do we start with?
3000 people Martin onstage and John and Keith have left the building
Keith Levine wanted only green lighting – John Lydon wanted to be back in the hotel.  

Strippers and Homework in the Dressing room
No rehearsals – like an old-style jazz band
How we gonna end? – Smoke signals!  
Serving time in North of England Labour clubs
Backstage Beer in the Pot, or is it?

Satisfying Sayonaras…
Leaving The Mynd and its Mellotron  
Martin goes to London
Melody Maker ad – Drummer required for well-known singer.
“I’m really good – can I audition today?”
Wait – we just Set the drummer on fire!

Serendipitous Savings…
Curator of Chicago’s Post Punk Museum  
Dressing room sign from American Bandstand
Martin’s Mickey Mouse watch
Whiskey and Meditation

Scintillating Scent of Success …
Speed, Alcohol plus Scratch and Sniff Banana postcards!
No. 3 = Smell of Money
No. 4 = Sweaty Boys in a Mosh Pit
No. 5 = Paper cup from a John Peel session
Happy Anniversaries and Memories  
No diary for Lol the Existentialist

Two Sides to Every Story…
Theory begets Reality
Martin = 90% Comedian; 10% Historian
Owning our past – 1st Class or 2nd Class?  
Crystal clear recollections of
Johnny Rotten, Jaz Coleman and Al Jourgensen

Superior Performers…
A bus-full of Junkies and Chlorine Gas  
Tolerance and Respect for Crazy Charismatic people  
A Rare and Undefinable Breed
Martin – The Monarch
Budgie – The Duke
Lol – The Emperor

Read it in Books.
We’re blessed and grateful to be here
Three drummers and a Practice pad
We belong together
Like Three Peas in a Pod

Dedicated to the Memory of Jeff Ward (November 18, 1962 – March 19, 1993) and William ‘Bill’ Fredrick Rieflin II (September 30, 1960 – March 24, 2020)