In this Episode Lol and Budgie continue their talk with Simone Marie Butler, with whom we discuss – “All the Isms and Schisms”

The Isms Cometh! 
Budgie and The iconic Slits – Holly Johnson as a bad-ass-bass-player! 
8th notes on the floortom – how LOW can you GO?)
Don’t lose it – let your individuality flow. 
Simone cites Motown’s James Lee Emerson, Blockheads’ Norman Watt Roy
And our old pal Simon Gallup as bass mentors.

Plays like Poetry!
Lol says Budgie is drums, Budgie says Lol is Drums, 
Lol says Bidgie is drims, Badgie sees Lil is Drams!

Poetry like Pottery!
Budgie in London’s China Town for Choco glasses and salad bowls.
You don’t have to be, crazy but it helps if you are.
Lol had the loudest Chinese cymbal ever, from Ray Man’s of London
Budgie had the 2nd loudest and Singing Bowls, also from Ray Man’s of London!
Jimmy Page told Pearl you’re too loud (He should know!) 

Potty like Putty!
Lol hears Simon perfectly for the first time on Reflections!
Gary Numan and subtitles on TV?
Tommy Lee and Lol friends from yesteryear.
Bro rate for LXB and a Shit load of drums 
Simone sat Monsieur le Birdie? 

Tommy Lee’s Gong! 
What is it about Tommy’s gong? – (We still love Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bell) Budgie drums and has all the accents too – (They’re Regional accents – Voice over Vocation calling)
Baby Jane’s in Acapulco – Simone’s going down to Rio! – (well Mexico… not far)
Simone says, if not for music it would be art – (Loves sound as healer and sign language) 
Lol digs Therapy in the Integratron. Budgie digs The Neon Graveyard in Vegas!
Trippy and Psychedelic Newcastle and it’s neon bridge! 
The Fog on the Tyne is all mine all mine – (so good we said it twice)
Didn’t we have a lovely time in the white hills – white hills, what white hills?

What about Daevid Allen’s Gong?

With Respect: James Lee Emerson – Motown’s Bass Master. (29 January 1936 – 2 August 1983)