In this Episode Lol and Budgie exchange Room Keys and roll the dice with The Mission’s Wayne Hussey.

Budgie plays his Big Bass Harp
The Cult and Subbuteo keep everyone Sharp
Introducing a Liverpool theme
You’ll Never Walk Alone, now choose your team!

Lol delivered Newspapers for 25 Bob
Delivering milk was Wayne’s other Job
The Beeb Top 40 on Sundays recorded
5 Pounds a week a new album afforded

David K Jones had a Brian Connolly haircut
Young Budgie’s Skinhead made the Headmaster Tut!
Banshees and Cure played soccer together
The Cure played the crew but it made Heavy weather!
Wayne played for Charity and Drew with the Frankies
Nasher the Smasher drew Coronation Street hankies!

Wayne and Budgie played in a band
It lasted two days and then they were canned
Wayne with Pete Burns in Dead or Alive
Built like a builder – Pete tolerated no Jive

Gimme Dat Harp Boy’

Budgie blows the Whistle Test intro
Wayne and Lol speechless, ‘He plays like a Pro!’
Lol first met Wayne in the 80’s euphoria
saw the Mission play a blinder at London’s Astoria
And on into the sunrise of a new friendship’s Gloria!

Whispering Bob Harris and Annie Nightingale hosting
Morning already? Imaginary boys toasting
Sugarcubes’ Einar and Bob had a Ruckus?
The Zillow in Germany was it playful then serious?
Wayne once lived in the Columbia Hotel
Budgie stayed at One Queensway for a similar spell

Wayne’s Solo book tour – music and reading
Lol toured Chuck Berry style with local Cure-heads leading
Chile, and Peru where the Cure’s pick-up glistens
Pornography is one of Wayne’s favourite listens

Albie Singer was Wayne’s hotel pseudonym
Budgie was Chad Valley and Lol, Mr Lazlo
When Wayne asked reception, Hey what room am I in?
The room for Mr Pussy must be Wayne’s alter-Ego
Turned out Mr Pussy was the room Johnny Lydon was in!

‘Delusions of Grandeur’

Lol spends 4 months at the Beverly Hills 4 Seasons
Wayne drives around strange places on tour in New Zealand
Onwards to Moscow or was it Rio or Bangkok?
Lol used a matchbox to find his hotel
Budgie did too but which matchbox is it?
It’s Spinal Tap again!

Respect: Captain Beefheart – (Don Van Vliet: January 15, 1941 – December 17, 2010)