In this Episode Lol and Budgie Feel the Noize! with The Mission’s Wayne Hussey

Let me in – I’m in the band!
It goes like this:
Lol – Newcastle Holiday Inn – Sauna – Towel – Door – Fire Escape – Reception – Room-Key!
Wayne – Bristol – Liverpool – Leeds – London – California – Brazil – Love – 20 Years!
Lol – California – Home – 30 Years Ago – Home is Where the Ticker Tocks .

The Circus was Excitement when we Moved from where we Started
In a band it’s simpler to do what we do and Live anywhere

Alan Vega a lonely man and a stranger in a strange land
Budgie ran a Berlin Red Light and received a Berlin mouthful
Lol feels more American than Americans
Lean American knowledge – makes Lol a man without a history or memory

Quiet riot and Slade’s Unique spelling
Lol saw Ringo Starr play in LA.
Edgar Winter looks how Lol’s God looks!
Budgie and the Glitter Band Beats
First Money from music – Go buy a Studio

T.Rex – Electric Warrior was THE album for Lol, Wayne and Budgie
A copy of Electric Warrior said, ‘We’re definitely friends!’
Lol had a delusion of Mikey Finn Stardom
I’m a Howling Wolf said Marc Bolan
lots of love says, Wayne x

Respect: Mickey Finn (3 June 1947 – 11 January 2003)