In this Episode Lol and Budgie share recipes with Graham Elliot (Master Chef Extraordinaire) with whom, we discuss in no particular hors d’oeuvre.

Pulling Back the Curtain:

Lollapalooza and President Obama, all Presidents want to be chefs, 
All chefs want to be rock stars, do all Presidents want to be rock stars? 
Why is going to shows no Fun anymore?
We stand at the turning point, no longer second guessing. 
Lol reveals the live ‘Holy Hour’ bell is the sound from the record 

The Art of Cooking as a Creative force,
Do chefs perform their big culinary hits like, ‘Sea-Urchin Ice Cream?’ 
How do we balance the set list?
We are just a conduit – it’s a 50/50 thing!

We don’t have a menu, you eat what we like,
our set-lists as menu full of question marks.
Bring your friends for the gateway drug!

The Banshees were the only Brits on the First Lollapalooza 
Graham wasn’t running the catering then, but The Banshees had bread and butter backstage,
The Butthole Surfers had only beer!
Is it the place or the food Ingredients that make the Experience?
Is it the sunshine and stuff?

Graham feeds 500,000 for Obamas 49th birthday party, 
That’s 495,000 more than Jesus had to cater for!
The Secret (Silver) Service, tasted everything, 
Obama took a Selfie with all the catering crew!  

To make beautiful pictures, learn the rules, then throw them all away
Today’s chefs are a little less crazy – a small restaurant with simple food,
Fine dining or a head-like-a-hole-in-the-wall pasta place? 
The show is everything, simple but satisfying. 

Lol and Budgie threw away all the usual ingredients to make something unique and exciting.  
We gave each other the permission to throw the baby out with the bath water – Haha! 
Only a few blue angels and one astronaut have the know-how! 
The hardest thing to do, is to make or do the best one can,
that says, this is who I am. (Thank you, Graham.) 

Raise your Forks to: La Grande Bouffe (1973) Directed by Marco Ferreri – Music: Philip Sarde.
“Decadent, Self-Loathing, Cynical and Frequently Obscene” – in short perfect! 

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