In which Lol and Budgie answer your questions…

Only his mother and Micky D., call Lol, Laurence
Budgie posits, Micky D., polished the shoes on the tour bus 
Were the banshees upset when Robert left the Banshees?
What would have happened – had that not happened?

Strangeness in the Studio  
Robert there, but not there – nothing was said there.
Bobby Keys only for Hyaena – It was a long album.
Bob’s position was untenable. 

Ideal of the band was primo important to Lol 
Post Pornography Chemistry Dysfunction (PPCD)
Lol went to Cadaques with a French girl 
They had a cat on a lead – Dali-esque.

Hyaena and The Top, released simultaneously!
The Top was restful – Japanese Whispers – was a fitting title 
Budgie visited the filming of The Walk video and most Cure videos 
Did Severin want Robert to remain a Banshee?

Lisa from Newcastle carved the Fish guitar .
Budgie spots the Cure constant – (?)
Pornography was the pinnacle of the 3-piece Cure 
Budgie recalls Robert and sister Janet sitting side-by-side
Recording the harpsichord for Dear Prudence 

Songs built from Jams – until they’re not.
Did the Banshees change Robert 
or did Robert just change? 
Where The Banshees always a 3-piece at heart? 

“What did we say Budgie?”
“I dunno’ what did we say Lol?”
“We said, what we said, is what we said.”
“’Nuff said then…”