In which Lol and Budgie answer more of your Curious Questions.

Q:1 Mark C of the Gold Coast asks will Budgie make a Beatboxing debut?
Budgie demonstrates the orifice-ial beats to ‘El Dia De Los Muertos’ and ‘Tattoo’. 
Maybe a beatbox compilation? 

Q:2 Eric Vonk asks about the 1980’s synth-drum – did we fall in love?
Lol went, Tsch-tsch, Stephen Morris went, ka-ka-ka-ka and Budgie went, Dink-dink & Drooove!
We all were in danger of serious wrist injury – but yes, we fell in love.

Q:3 Eric also asks Lol for his happiest moment in The Cure, Lol talks about the Top and coming to America. Budgie tries to paraphrase and his short-term memory loss gets the better of him.

And it’s a Happy Anniversary to Us! 
1979 – 43 years ago Lol and Budgie first shared a stage, when The Cure and Siouxsie and The Banshees played together at Leicester’s De Montfort Hall in England. Then the largest venue in Leicester, The Beatles also played here just after their return from Hamburg in 1963. 

Bet you didn’t know that – we certainly didn’t! 

What a happy memory, without which we probably wouldn’t be here together today.

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