In this Episode Lol and Budgie spill the beans with Pepper Somerset from ‘My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult’

Pepper Loves TKK
NYC 1000 Years ago 
Lol jumps Boulders in Central Park
Banshees at the Beacon Theatre
Lol and The Cure again for Reflections
Budgie at The Mayflower and The Grammercy Park 
Watch out for the Cockroaches!

Lol Loves LA – Home Sweet Home!
Not Discovered or Destroyed 
Personalities and Support Systems
Pepper’s NYC lockdown – Throwing tips for food.
Booster Party Time! 

Budgie and Pepper Chock full of Antibodies
NYC still loud!
The Stage is still Fun!
Choir at 7 years old 
Lol – no stage fright singing Gilbert and Sullivan  
10,000 people in the subway?

Benny and The Jets did it for Pepper!
Not Socially awkward but Social outcasts
Punky Pepper met TKK in a Pittsburgh Parking lot 
Hot Damn! She Joins the band! 
Budgie on stage in Chicago with TKK 

The Cocktail Bar.
Lol and The Cure shook Cocktails in Buckets!
Pepper’s crew used a Wheelbarrow!
Less than 3 or More than 3?
Let’s get Completely Cathartic!

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