In this Episode Lol and Budgie talk with super-producer Nick Launay about – “Lucky Break & Making Fackin’ Music Maan!”

Lol in Tasmania small and cool. 
Damien Hirst diamonds and Berlin fish Fool 
Kevorkian death blanket is the best in show
Medical flip-flops in the house of Ringo. 

Virgin Townhouse & Hedges’ Battery.  
Nick and Phil Collins in drum-fill Flattery 
Terry Chambers and XTC – in Another Green World lives a young Budgie 
Nick began life in Southern Spain – moved to London for the Pistols reign

Good with loops Nick remixed tapes  
M’s “Pop Music” gave the biggest breaks  
Got Nick the job with Lydon’s PIL
Coz’ the engineer made Johnny ill 
“Let’s make some Fackin’ music” – “We mean it man!” 
Turned Nick’s life ‘round – Lol, Clash, Budgie, Bovell, Slits can! 

Nick Cave and Budgie – harmonica Kings 
Nick and Nick Release the Bats and things
Budgie at the Rock Garden for the Birthday Party 
Lol at the Marquee but Bob’s not a Smartie?

Budgie and Bob pretend they’re themselves
Steve Strange showed Budgie how to shoplift the shelves 
Budgie in the eye of the movers and shakers 
An 8 piece Suicide band – any takers?

Nick almost Cured in the Townhouse grounds 
Cure wanted Conny Plank ‘s Animal sounds 
We’re older than the fans – but still in Our prime 
We never worked with Nick – but there’s Always time!

Nick Launay is an English record producer, composer and recording engineer. He is one of the most sought after record producers in the world due to his success with recent albums by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. He is among the most successful producers of the post-punk era, helming records from pivotal acts including Public Image Ltd, Gang of Four, Killing Joke, The Birthday Party, and The Slits.

Launay is known primarily for his passionate approach to recording with emphasis on raw sounds and capturing mood. Other artists he has worked with include: Kate Bush, Talking Heads, David Byrne, INXS, Midnight Oil, Grinderman, Lou Reed, The Veils, The Cribs, Supergrass, The Living End, Band of Skulls, and Silverchair. He lives in Hollywood, United States and travels to London frequently. More recent work includes producing Anna Calvi, Black Reel Motorcycle Club, and Mixing The IDLES