In this Episode Lol and Budgie get down to brass tacks with Shirley Manson: Lol & Budgie love Shirley – True!

Wild is the Wind & Vulnerability
Budgie is Shirley’s all-time favourite Drummer of her all-time favourite Band!
Budgie Blushes in glorious Surround-Sound
When Garbage played their first London show in 1995
Budgie was moshing in the pit with Banshees’ Billy Chainsaw
Shirley felt as overwhelmed as Budgie did by Bowie 

Golden Years
30 Big ones and Shirley couldn’t have dreamed it
25 Big ones for Lol in his old LA chair
Shirley loves Lol saying ‘Butch’ in his best Scottish accent 
A Hard time in LA during lockdown had Shirley return to Scotland asap

Little Red Corvette
Lol and Budgie dreamed of driving – Shirley drives electric dreams
Now all is Zen behind the wheel – Saving the Rage for the Stage
Shirley was bullied as a kid – SATB helped her become Empowered!
Lol and Shirley like Being Stupid sometimes 

Break-Up to Make-Up 
On Tour with The Creatures, came Budgie’s wake-up call 
Like an old British sitcom, Lol and Budgie share similar experiences 
Garbage had to break-up to stay together – to ignore what was being said  
The Cure & Banshees were too young to know – a year out might have saved them. 

Don’t Talk to Me About Love
We talk about the C-word – Shirley wants the T-shirt!
Leaving The Cure was like Lol leaving his family or Excommunication! 
To understand change is not easy – such a huge part of our identity. 
Budgie has come to know love’s changes
Being in a band is like being married – the Pot calling the Kettle Black!

Shirley succinctly explains being in a band
Relieved that the band has adjusted to her changes  
Shirley humbled by hip surgery – a triumphant story!
Shirley says, forget your ego – enjoy life and seize the day.
Ringo Starr says… Up yer bum!

Respect: John Lennon (October 9th 1940 – December 8th 1980) ‘Instant Karma’