In this Episode Lol and Budgie are still getting down with Kele Okereke and The People I Remember…

‘The people I remember…’
Mutual respect, the Bloc Party had
Kele and collaborators, what’s good and what’s bad
Together on tour, but then things change
Russell ‘n Kele retain musical respect 
Musical Respect is a necessary thing 
Banshees Guitarists, All the Young Johns
Spizz oil and the Banshees, It’s a Family Affair 
Kele and James Murphy and their traveling bands 
Having kids and Touring Keep us Peter Pan style.

Chilli Pepper pals, Prodigal Sons 
‘In the desert you can remember your name’
‘Life’s What You Make It’  
The Cure take MTV – Budgie signs autographs ‘Down the Pub.

‘The Great Covid Reset’
A Non-Touring fantasy – A new way of life?
Touring and sleeping go hand in hand!
Kele, wants the father-child relationship 
Lol had none with his father 
So, he turned it around for his own son
Budgie’s dad was always present 
Kele’s dad was proud and healing  
Budgie’s dad said, “Do whatever makes you happy.” 
Lol’s mum gave him a love of art and literature 

Lol’s mum said – “I like the new single by The Clash”
Fun times meeting US Campus kids – smelled like team spirit 
ABC – The Look of Love – Money Makes the World go Round 
Art for Art’s sake – Money for God’s sake
British Art space receding – young artists and crew get no Support
Feeling the Fallout of the covid years 
Love to Kele’s family and Toi-Toi for the tour! 
Life’s always a giggle with Budgie and Lol! 

Respect: John Prine (October 10, 1946 – April 7, 2020)