In this Episode Lol and Budgie pump up the volume with The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser

Machine Gunners’ Ear 
No Elvis, Beatles, or The Rolling Stones in 1977 
Bad brains, Minor Threat and Fugazi – at 14! 
Washington DC’s 9:30 Club, The Black Cat and Washington Plaza 
The Walkmen cometh in 2000

Eric’s Club matinee, it’s a drive-in Saturday, lots of creativity from NYC
In A Forest or In Dust, the Walkmen place their trust, in the Siouxsie-Bob sound, merci!  
Bob and Lol’s brothers played music to be loud, discovering the rebel inside
From Liverpool to Boston, no charm in the venues, guys in plaid shirts had to hide!

More difficult today, is that fair to say? Walkmen wipe-out in London and Bath
Salt Lake City rodeo, everyone’s a weirdo, remember roach motels and laugh!
Young Budgie loved Winifred Atwell and the Poor people of Paris 

The English they love you one time 
In the biggest bed Lol gets it to rhyme!
Reggae Chart Busters Volume 1 2 & 3

A piano too heavy for the Barfly |
Went through a Hole in The Wall
Club Manchester was a bit unfriendly 
Slim Jim and the Stray Cats, lived in squats

Lol’s books into Manhattan 
His son on tour Back in the van y’all 
Tough for bands in roach motels 
No bed and shower? then Lol’s a no show!

Budgie loves Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds – True!
Harlem Analog in the sweet spot of a terrible idea 
Forget to mute and blow out someone’s ear. 
Hearing has deteriorated Machine Gunners fear.

John McGeoch’s Melodic feedback
The soundman was stone deaf – Lol don’t miss floor monitor days 
Walkmen are back after a decade no tour 
The Black flag soundman was the best first for sure!

Respect: Ruth Polsky (December 5, 1954 – September 7, 1986)