In this Episode Lol and Budgie discuss ‘The Making of Los Angeles’ with bandmate Jacknife Lee

Jacknife never remembers the big moments.
Q. Why are we so busy? A. We have an album coming out!
Blatant Plug: Los Angeles: The Album: November 3rd!

Jacknife enjoys teams but was never a joiner
Overcome by FOMO – The pandemic begat TIME!
Two Drummers and a Producer – Two Turntables and a Microphone
Budgie met Jacknife in Berlin on Bono’s no expense spared book tour
Lol toured his book in South America to Arequipa in Peru.

Q. Does Bono do impersonations? A. Yes, a very dark Rupert Murdoch
Robert impersonated Lol and Lol did a great Robert
Everyone close to Robert, became Robert!
Q. Affectation or affection for Siouxsie in the Banshees? A.????

Young Bob reinvented Regal zone on ‘So It Goes’
Bon mots take hold on the road
An unusual dynamic – being together all the time
Understanding people and personalities
Us against the world – All for One and One for All!

Parts of the world Lol liked and the Jilted teenage girlfriend
As you get older, you better understand your ego
Getting over the caricatures – writing the story
making peace with life – preventing strange characters taking over
Q. The Real Stroke of Genius? – A. Begin Today with a Clean Slate!
The Job of the Musician is to Discover – Anon.

Respect: Sinéad O’Connor (December 1966 – July 2023)