Where Lol and Budgie answer your questions!

Phase 1. In which The Cramps’ Brian Gregory, gets on the Banshees’ tour bus outside the I-Beam in San Francisco and asks, “Was anyone in Liverpool not cool?” 

A Dark devilish spirit with feet like Merce Cunningham.

Phase 2. In which Billy McKensie spares Lol from Death in Venice. Billy in The Cure’s penthouse for Faith singing songlines from another time, another place.  

Phase 3. In which Ms Morrissey is Queen of backstage and you’ll just have to wait. 

Well excuse us for Breathing, say us Dudes in unison! 

Phase 4. In which Leonard asks a bittersweet question. Are songs always what they seem?

PJ Harvey said, most people think all her songs are auto biographical. Though she hasn’t drowned any babies recently.

Phase 5. In which Sandrine asks, what’s that sound? Is it a Bird in a tree? 
We’ve got a Harmoniser and we’re going to use it! The Godlike beauty of a few notes.

PS: Leather does not like Humidity!

Phase 6. In which The Cure and The Banshees played soccer after Elephant Fayre – True or False? Tom and Anton took our smudges! Budgie had proud moments on the Slits Cut. Lol had proud moments on The Top, but his drumming on Pornography takes the biscuit. 

Together we’re most proud of our parts in our 3rd Act – with Jacknife Lee, on Los Angeles. 

Phase 7. In which Henna asks, “Best LA memories?” The daily climb up Topanga. Freeways, Disney, Beaches, Cars. Yes, but there’s always something new. No sleep, big snakes, and spectacular people.

Phase 8. In which Cambria asks, ‘What’s the biggest change?’ It may be our notion of time. We never stopped. It was the only life we knew. Today life is in session, and it’s FULL ON!

Maybe, it was the restaurant menu. Maybe it was Denny’s. Maybe it was the all-day Breakfast! Genesis to Revelations. Long drives and Heaven at 4am! The Cure shake their booty to The Village People – The Banshees play Paintball in Freemantle!

Phase 9. In which we pay attention. To what we like. To our influences. To our origins not being geographical. To the Magnetism. To the Bits that shouldn’t fit, that just Do! To Being Sound Carriers.

In Life’s Beautiful Tapestry

Respect: Damo (Kenji) Suzuki (ダモ鈴木), (16 January 1950 – 9 February 2024)