Courtney Taylor-Taylor as Himself
And Peter Holmström as Himself

You’ll Never Believe it!
David Bowie meets Andy Warhol – it’s a Horror story!
Lol sees Stardust – it’s a Close Encounter!
Budgie, Robert and Bowie get personal on the phone!
Bob meets Dandy with a plan to takeover the World!
The Cure staring at the Pacific Ocean.
Robert and Severin’s blue cassette box Mystery.

It’s Out of This World!
Budgie and the Glass Spiders from Mars!  
The Creatures play Death Metal in Germany 
Budgie and Joe strummer and Birthday Bumps
Topper shares Magical Secrets with Budgie 
Courtney wears his mom’s blouse and dad’s pants Downtown 

It’s a True Story!
Courtney is The Strip Club Janitor 
Courtney loves Budgies drumming on Spellbound!
Courtney digs drum trickery on Peek-a-Boo!
Prepare to meet the Derringer Reversal Phenomena! 
Courtney says Budgie is the most stylish drummer in history
Lol Agrees : Budgie Blushes – in Glorious Technicolor!!

It’s Beyond Reality!
Peter Reveals his BBC TV Straight Jacket!
Bohemian like you on Top of the pops a Global Sensation!
Robert Smith tells of The Perils of FAME!!
A Dozen Hits!!
It’s Cool and Artsy!!

It’s The Greatest Story Ever Told!
It’s Frequent Separations and Acute Hearing Loss!
It’s What it Is to be Cool at 4 years old!
It’s Radar love and Killer Queens!
It’s Gene Pitney and a Terrifying 24 hours from Tulsa!

It’s Your Wildest Dreams Come True!
It’s lyrical motivation for Lol and Courtney
Spooky Words by Larry Norman.
It’s “A piece of bread could buy a bag of Gold” 
Budgie’s 3 Words for The Dandys – Honesty, Integrity and Trust  
Lol 3 Words for The Dandys – Very Cool Guys!