A thread that pulls you through the years 

@rockhall-13 million people in 27 years!

Cleveland, Bowies’ first us gig here, Jimi Hendrix, came back. Alan Freed coined the phrase rock and Roll.

I.M. Pei designed the museum building after he had seen The Who and Stones. Created a very energetic and emotional structure. The home of America’s great art. Lol agrees that the design is suitable. The most relevant museum to people’s lives The museum of the people. Lol sees his Let’s Go To Bed outfit! In a case!  

The HOF was very emotional and blew Lols mind only 351 Bands in the HOF. Budgie knows the magic language of RnR. The hardest part is, it’s such a big story from Punk, Patti Smith and Television. Lol and Budgie pledge to raise money for the new Post Punk annex “maybe it will be named after them, “Lols and Budgie Collection of Curious Creatures “( ?!) Lols brother still listens to John Lee Hooker. Budgie and Lol learned Blues on Sunday lunchtime at the pubs of England. The constant back and forth of the form is The engine. Budgie has the tip of Ringo’s drumstick. Played an old banjo, and it became Budgies Excalibur sword!

Greg ran the Philadelphia record exchange. It’s still going. The center of the place for our tribe. Even on the internet, record stores are a valuable items. Their connection with live music is vital still. Rock and Roll will never die! Fans know a lot, and they are reservoirs of memory . Post-punk is still loved. Budgies confesses he liked Glen Miller’s “in the mood.” Budgies knows there’s no crying in baseball (only in music). Music condenses time. Get on stage, and you are ageless. Budgie and Lol are still here and thriving. Lols confesses his zombie love. It’s all humbling and flattering at the same time. Budgie finds out Howling Wolf’s guitar is in the HOF. Budgie recounts the sad story of Joe Strummer’s guitar and sings the drums of Tommy Gunn! The jukebox in his head. 

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